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This question comes from Germany and is for a single german federal state and its counties. I checked the map and see "Found it" in a county where i have not been yet. The reason: The location of the mystery question mark is used and not the location of the cache. What does that mean for the truth of a solved Challenge? "A minimum of one cache in all counties and cities in one federal state." Looks like i can solve the challenge and there is no need to set a foot in this county.

Thanks in advance for your answers.
in Miscellaneous by ebijem (120 points)

2 Answers

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Most challenges work this way as well. The reason is that the owner of the challenge needs to have a way to verify that the challenge criteria have been fulfilled. Since it's not publicly known where the finals of all mysteries and multis are, it's not possible for the challenge owner to know if the final happens to be in a different state than what the posted coordinates are.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (182k points)
The only possible fix is to ask the CO to move the start of the myst and change the region of the final.
It might not always be possible if the coordinate are relevant for the myst.

But is it a big problem? The icon has to be <2 miles from the end. I know that there are som old caches that are further away. There is even one in Sweden that is in one region but have two correct solutions each in other different regions.

But if you are within 2 miles of a region is it relevant?
There are som virtual caches that should have been locationless that are still unlocked that have the same problem on a larger scale. My only find the the US is a cache like that.
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A lot of challenge caches have in the conditions that for the purposes of the challenge the published co-ordinates of all caches, including Unknown/Mystery and Multi caches are those that are to be used when determining which country, region or county a cache counts towards.

Unfortunately this condition is not spelled out in the german challenge caches

by vogelbird (Expert) (55.4k points)