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–4 votes

I can not disable the Labs on the stats site because the PGC Link is over it. Same to badge site.

Pls fix it

in Bug reports by GrafZahl75 (1.3k points)
edited by GrafZahl75

2 Answers

+4 votes

It can be done from here

by StadsAlv (10.1k points)
–2 votes

I think the feature of not including the labs aren't implemented yet. You can hide the "lab"-tab if you like.

From Facebook:

Project Geocaching Since includes Lab caches for the milestones, we feel obliged to try to do the same. Our number one issue is that we currently can't sort geocaches and lab caches within the same day.

We are also considering to make it optional to use labcache-data in the statistics. In the same way that there is an option to ignore antipode geocaches.

But no decisions are final yet.

by StadsAlv (10.1k points)
I can not hide the TAB, because the Button to hide it under the Link to PGC and you can not click it...

See the picture above.. I just added it to the bug report