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Inconsistencies in Profile stats (maps/finds, broken streak)

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Sometimes when the profile stats update there is a discrepancy between the "finds" section and the "maps" section. E.g. the "finds" section says "... has 5994 finds ..." but the "maps" section, also citing the same number in the header line clearly already includes some more geocaches – which apparently I have logged recently and which in the update have only been taken into account for the "maps" section and not for the "finds" section. Normally, this solves itself at the next stats update (if I don’t log any caches in between, otherwise the same problem might turn up or no, it’s difficult to predict).

So far I assumed that it’s always the latest logs that might still have made it into the "maps" section but not into the "finds" section, but since the last update in addition to the discrepancy I have a broken streak (... consecutive days ...), which should not be the case. Although I have about two months backlog with logging, I log all caches in chronological order, so the statistics must have left out some logs in between.

It would be interesting to understand why this happens and specifically to be able to determine in an easy way which logged caches have not (yet) been taken into consideration. Is there any possibility to find out which caches profile stats has taken into account (ideally for both the "maps" and the "finds" section)?

asked Oct 7, 2016 in Bug reports by k+gw+a (10,690 points)
Although it won't give information about which caches were used to generate the statistics, I've created a script which can list your finds which PGC knows about:
Wow, thanks a lot, that’s already awesome. With your script I was able to see which caches PGC does not know about, and this coincides exactly with the number of "missing" caches in the profile stats. As I assumed, they were randomly picked from in between my latest logs. Still no clue why PCG does this, but this information clearly helps. Thanks a lot!!!
I have heard a similar variant once before. I can not imagine how this would be likely to happen. There is an extremely small window window where this could happen and I would say it's close to impossible if the difference is more than one geocache.

I am sorry to say that I can not help since I can not understand it. With the current design behind the Profile stats it's also extremely hard to investigate even if we had a current reproduction case.
I am always short by 2 in my finds on PGC.  Is there an easy way to find your missing ones on that list? Going through 3500 of them one by one could take a while.
Looking at the numbers by type, it seems that your two are Traditional and Unknown. The Unknown should be easy enough to find.

Finds by year can also help narrow things down. There's a difference in finds for 2007, 2012 and 2014. Your labcache was in 2014, so the other two will be 2007 and 2012.
Thanks a bunch for all that info. Great way to narrow it all down. I will have to take a closer look at it all then. Is there a way to get them added once I find them?
Just use the Support button in the top right of the site, select Self Support and enter the GC codes in the box at the bottom.
Thanks again! Very helpful info.

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