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I always (many months) had problems when using live Map and Map Compare together with Chrome or Fox.
Today I finally found the issue, at least I think so.

Using https, the content get blocked by the browser security.
Could you please fix this? The https issue, not the browserwink


in Bug reports by fankido (2.4k points)
edited by fankido

2 Answers

0 votes
i tested it right now and https for me is working well.
by Max-SK (1.7k points)
Hi. Thanks for your Answer.
Please try this:
Using FF oer Chrome. Authenticate using https, go to lIve Map. Close all Browser instances. Try again.
Does it still work?
I am not successful, neither at home or at work.

Ah, I forgot. I'm using FF 49.0.1 an Win10. And Chrome 53

not working, my fault. sorry
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We are aware of this issue, however we can not afford to serve our static content over HTTPS as it is today.

I see two solutions, either don't use HTTPS, or do like this:

In the address bar at the right end should be a 'shield' icon, you can click on that to run insecure content.

by magma1447 (Admin) (230k points)
Thanks. This work around is OK to me.