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PGC stats ignoring one found cache

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question: PGC is ignoring in stats one cache, which i logged 01.10.2016. on no problem, but here is missing, and after that i´m loosing my longest streak counter. is there anything which can help with this? thank you
asked Oct 7, 2016 in Bug reports by Max-SK (1,720 points)
Since you most likely are aware of which geocache it is, please add that to your question.
i checked it now and problem is solved. thanx

1 Answer

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Are you a paying member at pgc? if not, then the stats are updated only once per week and you have to be patient.

As ganja said, you seem to know the cache. So you could use the "support -> self support" system to update that cache manually (i don't know if that is a paying member only feature).

I think that should work.
answered Oct 7, 2016 by NoobNader (Expert) (15,940 points)
selected Oct 8, 2016 by Max-SK
yep, im paying member. problem is now solved but can you tel me what you mean with "support -> self support" ? i cannot find it.

I will show you the way.. :-)



In your case, you should have chosen the last (marked green) option and enter the GC-Code of the cache

thank you, this "menu" is actually new for me.
I have the same problem with one cache (GC5KFJB), which I found and logged on 04.10.2016. On no problem, but here it's missing. I used the self support yet, but it didn't work...
@welleraj: I see that cache coming up for you. I think you might have just needed to wait for it to regenerate your stats.
Had the same problem at the same time as you. " Support - Selbsthilfe " doesn´t helped. So next day i contacted the Project-GC-Support describing the problem and within 48 hours everything went well.