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I have been following the development of the inclusion of lab caches with some anticipation for a while now. I am still listed with 0 lab caches (and no lab cache tab in profile, but why would it be there if there are no lab caches to show there). Unfortunately, that's not the case.

According to my profile stats (on i have found 62 and hidden 1 labcache.

According to my project-gc profile, the count is zero:

Before anyone starts taking wilds stabs in the dark as to why this is, let me at least squander some of the speculative reasons for it to not be there.

Labcache module is disabled in profile stats

A: No, it is not.

The labcaches you have found are just not imported yet

Hmm. Compare and contrast with the two people that I usually team up with to go geocaching, with whom I have also found most of my labcaches:

They were in Munich for the Mia san GIGA event (I was not), but as far as I can tell, I have been present at every event where there has been lab caches at where either of them have been also. In other words, the (set) union of the lab caches found by these two profiles should cover for all the lab caches I have found (my lab caches finds are proper subset of the union of the lab caches found by the two profiles above). None whatsoever are listed on my profile.

I read the FAQ for Labcaches. Last entry is from 2014. I haven't been able to find an answer in the Q&A section so far, so that's why I am asking it as a separate question now.

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2 Answers

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I have made a manual refresh of your profile fixing the lab caches now.

It seems like there still is some issue that makes us miss out on lab cache finds for some users. We do not yet know if the error is in our code or in the API at

Regarding the information on Facebook. Our goal is to post small informational posts a few times per week at Facebook. This will be where information can be found most instant. When we post news it's more of a recap, but there can be real news as well. However, we haven't really posted on Facebook as frequently as we aim for. From time to time we are better at it, but then we can be silent for weeks again.

Doing it like this is a decision that has been made after asking our community how they want the news presented. Most users don't want a newsletter more often than once per month. As you can imagine, it's not too easy to satisfy the need for everyone, especially since most users doesn't want the same thing.
by magma1447 (Admin) (230k points)
selected by Funky_Boris
First off: Thank you. That fixed the problem I had. Of course, I would not be posting in here unless I thought that it was a symptom of some deeper issue - an issue you will now look into as I understand it? :)

Regarding Facebook: I can see that it is easier to reach an audience that way, and that the posts made there are more lightweight to post. It does, however, beg the question: Is Facebook membership de-facto mandatory if I want to stay updated on what goes on with project-gc ? If so, you may look forward to me and other non-facebook users asking "uninformed" questions in here.

Anyway, thanks for your attention to the original problem at hand and thanks for the manual reload :)
It's not our aim that the information at Facebook should be mandatory. In this case, we actually thought the issue was fixed.

Your question has actually made us realize that it still exists, and we have also already figured out a potential case which we will fix. If this is the final bug related to this the lab caches should be solved for all our active site users within 48 hours.

Your chosen words regarding news on Facebook is quite good actually. I like the word lightweight. That's pretty much how we intend to see it as well. We post things that might not matter 1-2 weeks from now. Either because it will make it into the next newsletter, or just be because it's not a permanent information post, like the above (if the issue actually was fixed as we thought). Typical posts are also things like "We are currently having maintenance, the site will be back in 1h", "Our ISP currently has routing issues, if you can't reach us you are probably affected, this should be resolved fairly soon".

The last weeks we have had two surveys out there, while they potentially could be of interest, it's not really a mandatory thing.
Right. Thank you for your answers and your time.

I will not be joining Facebook, but I will be making more posts if I find bugs. If they are already "known issues" (or if there is otherwise useful information available on Facebook), I am sure that some of the other users will be so kind as to point that out, as was the case here.
Can you please post these things on a less privacy-invading site than Fakebook? I don’t even *visit* their site.
Lab cache hides in statistics on ?
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According to Project-GC's Facebook page, a bug was fixed yesterday. Labcache logs are expected to be fetched for all active users now.

I guess P-GC load labcache logs for each profile separately, and that's why your friends have their finds, and you don't have yours. My guess is that you will get your finds fetched and displayed within the next days :)
by thomfre (1.1k points)
So despite the fact that project-gc has:
- A community support system (the one we are currently on)
- A news system on the front page (
- An FAQ (

I _still_ apparantly need a Facebook account as well in order to stay updated about what goes on here?

I guess I will just wait with the other bronze-age people then.