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For the past week, the Map Compare page has been holding onto filters from a previous compare that was run about a week ago causing it to need to be rebuilt every time to clear all the old filters and add new ones.  It was nice in the past when the map compare remembered the LAST filtered search but that seems to have broken about a week ago.

Today, when loading the Map Compare page, it simply returns a box for the Profile Name and below that an error message that looks like this:

{"errorMessage":"Unknown error"}
in Bug reports by Stewj (1.2k points)
Works for me fine with current firefox. Can you post the link on which page/filter you ave a problem?
I've made screen captures but I don't see a place here to attach.  As for a link, I'm simply clicking on the Tools/Map Compare menu item and it returns the above error message.  Interestingly, when I receive the error message, then click on the arrow to collapse the filters it lists a full set of filters that I used almost two weeks ago that I could never get to clear.

3 Answers

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After getting very frustrated with the loss my most valued page on Project-GC, I decided to try some old fashioned tricks to get my Map Compare page unlocked.  It became very obvious that it had nothing to do with my browser and everything to do with the filters that have seemed to become my default.  By simply adding a "?" to the MapCompare address line I was able to see the filters it was trying to load that were causing the "Unknown error".  I manually cleared those filters in the address line and sure enough, the map compare page loaded.  The page still loads with a long group of route filters that I used two weeks ago that have somehow become my default Map Compare page but for the time being, I guess that's just fine.  I can clear all those old filters each time and run a new compare.  That's an acceptable workaround just to get the compare to work again.

by Stewj (1.2k points)
selected by Stewj
Stewj, thank you for you help in getting my issue with Map Compare resolved.  I'm submitting your name to Project-GC to join their Development Team.  Nice Work!!!
0 votes
Works for me on Vivaldi (Chromium). Have you tried forcing a refresh? I don't know how project-gc stores your settings, but cöearing cookies might alsp help.
by StadsAlv (10.0k points)
I've tried other browsers, cleared all history, cookies, cache and even tried from a different computer and get the same result.  Makes me believe it's a Project-GC issue.  

My brother was having the same problem for the past few days (and still is) but mine was still working, albeit with some anomalies, until this morning.
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I've been having the same issue with Map Compre, and intermittently on other pages as well over the last couple of weeks. Again, it's not machine specific for me and it seems to be remembering settings from one run a couple of weeks ago.
by Molemon (1.5k points)