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+6 votes
Is it possible to add the matrix info for other types. Currently we have traditional, multi and mystery.

I would be interested in having others, like letterbox, event or virtual. Ultimately for all types.
in Feature requests by geoteddybear (180 points)
Hmmm, I will have to look at this more later.  You've just sparked my interest!  Thank your for the good question!

1 Answer

+1 vote
You can see your current matrix status for any cache type using the page and then adding the "D/T cache / size" filter.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (170k points)
I think he meant a table of how many letterboxes there are in the world, divided by D/T
Thank you pinkunicorn.  Once again, you and those who help you have made things tons easier for simple people like me.  Before I became an active member of Project-GC I used to go to the geocaching website, look at my "found it" list, and painstakingly (one by one) view my cache finds to search for any find that might qualify for a specific caching challenge.  Now I have many more tools at my fingertips to use that are so much quicker!