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For some reason, this specific cache elevation is way off by 9,000 ft:

This cache shows as having an elevation of 9,288 ft while others in the immediate area show elevations of 300-500ft. The highest point in the US east of the Mississippi is in NC and there's virtual at with an altitude of 6,654 ft. 

FAQ indicates "if you find an entry that seems to be off by a lot more than in other services, feel free to report it so that we can investigate." so I'm posting here in hopes maybe one of the other services has a more appropriate 9,000 ft adjustment for this spot. 

in Bug reports by Team DEMP (1.4k points)
There's a church in Greece listed like thousands of m below ground as well

1 Answer

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We do not know why the elevation for this geocache was wrong. We added a small job to refresh it and it went from 2831 meters to 97 meters (~8500 ft to 300 ft).
by magma1447 (Admin) (240k points)
selected by Team DEMP
Thanks so much!
Did you update the church as well? Can't find it on the top elevation chart anymore.
No, there was no gccode so didn't really look into it. But just in case, I just added a job to fix elevation of all (~4700) caches of Greece. It's so few so it will go fast.