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I use virtual GPS (vGPS) a lot to create tours. vGPS improves picking caches from the live map or map compare tremendously compared to using bookmark lists.

What I am missing is an easy and quick way to create tracks ( that I can save into e.g. a gpx file and use it as walking guidance when being in the field.

Currently I have to create these tracks elsewhere after exporting the vGPS and importing the gpx elsewhere. Integrating a track support into vGPS map view would be a great improvement when doing tour planning with vGPS.
in Feature requests by bfiu (880 points)
edited by bfiu

1 Answer

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There is already a route builder in PGC:

It is hidden in the menu you get when clicking on your user name in the upper right corner.

After you have created a route there, you can select it in other statistics or tools e.g. on map compare (select "Add filter" and then "Route"). Unfortunately it they cannot be used in the live map.
by tadaima (12.5k points)
You answer is for a different question/request certainly correct. I was aware of a the route builder, which allows one to retrieve caches along a route.
I am requesting a gpx track ( support that allows me to transfer the track into my e.g. Garmin and get it displayed while running through the woods...
Oh, then I understood your question wrong...
Yes, a gpx track would be handy...