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Is there a way to add the # of lab caches that you found to your profile stats?

+2 votes
asked Nov 20, 2014 in Support and help by MatthewCat (2,660 points)
retagged Nov 21, 2014 by pinkunicorn (Moderator)
I have the same concern!
Yes, us too.  We have 8 lab cache finds.

3 Answers

+5 votes
answered Nov 20, 2014 by LekkerSlim (5,850 points)
+1 vote
Not yet, sadly. It's a shame!
answered Nov 20, 2014 by richlay (220 points)
0 votes
Not yet. Hope it will be possible soon.
answered Nov 20, 2014 by Torsten007 (6,060 points)