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0 votes
Currently if I filter for a cache type with this tool, the fields of the matrix that i have filled stay filled even if I haven't filled them with a cache of the type that I have chosen to filter for.

Would it be possible to change this? For example if I filter for multi caches only the fields of the matrix are already filled in which I have found multi caches.
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in Feature requests by pingurus (2.2k points)
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Can you explain better what are you trying to achieve? Filter for multi caches fills the matrix with multi caches as expected for me.
This works correctly for me, both in the D/T Matrix tool and in the Profile statistics - numbers are updated to reflect the filter. I suggest you try deleting your cookies and trying again.
In Profile Stats it works for me, in the tool it only shows me mutis that would fill the matrix as it should, but in the current D/T matrix still all caches that I've found are included. I've tried deleting cookies, no difference.
The D/T Matrix tool can do that with any combinations of cache types.
Use "D/T type / size" for to select what DT matrix you look at.
"Cache type / size" if for filtering new potental caches to fill the matrix.
Okay, thank you. It is though greyed out for me, why that?
Forgot to add that they are paying member only functions