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+10 votes
Just wondering which date people use when they are logging earthcaches. I tend to visit a site on one date, work out the answers at home some time later and then send the information to the CO, which is sometimes another date again. I use the date that I work out the answers as my 'found date' because that's when it feels I've completed the cache.

Now I know there's not going to be a rule as such, but I'd be interested to know which date other people use on these caches where there's nothing physical to sign and date.
in Miscellaneous by CaoimheBaxter6 (530 points)
edited by CaoimheBaxter6

49 Answers

+19 votes

This is a topic of never ending discussions among many cachers and communities, but the rules do not specify that precisely. I believe we should use there a common sense here, which would be logging the date when the cache (the place) was visited. When you write the log, the link you are clicking is

Log your visit

and not "log your research results" or something similar.

This is quite obvious in the other cache types (physical log in cache/event logbook), but I don't see a reason why to do it other way for these "virtual caches" (earth, virtual, ...). Basically, if you are recommended to add a photo from that place, the log should be the date this photo was taken.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
+12 votes
Since I have so far always visited the EarthCache site, worked out answers and contacted the CO on the same day, my answer is obviously that day.... But, I would use the site-visit date as my logging date if I were delayed somehow.

by lee737 (2.4k points)
+10 votes
Like others have mentioned, I log on the day of the visit, but I also log in order of cache visits (if I pick up multiple for that day). That way my "distance traveled" stat is "accurate" and also helps with TB cache visits as well.
by bruzie (1.7k points)
Yes, that's the way i do it, too.
We do as well, learned this one the hard way.  Did two geoarts in one day and logged from home but didn’t log in order.  It logged from one art then the other then so on.  Shows a ridiculous mileage on that day.
+9 votes
I have heard that some people visit an earthcache or virtual cache site when they are around, but log it on another day, when they need a found on that day for their statistics. But for me, this sounds a bit like cheating.

I think, an earthcache or a virtual cache should be logged like all other caches on the day when the cache site has been visited.
by tadaima (12.5k points)
+8 votes
I use the date I visited the site. Normally that's when I gathered the information I need to answer the questions, even if I need to research a little to formulate a correct answer.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (196k points)
+7 votes
We use the date we visited the site. If we know we are going to do an Earthcache, we try to print out a list of the questions we need to answer and gather as much information as possible at the site, recording our answers on the sheet. If we need to do some research afterwards, we add this to the answers then send all the info to the CO. Sometimes we log the find after sending the answers, and sometimes (when asked to do so) we send all the answers to the CO and wait for a 'go ahead' before logging the find. But in either case, we use the visit date for logging.
by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
+6 votes
Site visit date without any doubt.
by Geoborderne (970 points)
+4 votes
Basicly I agree with the most answers. I do the same = the most important is the date of the site visit and photo taken. "Paperwork" you can do prior as well as after your visit. Moreover to keep the track on the "mileage driven" I do log the geocaches in the order of the visit. It makes sence, otherwise you could jump thousands of kilometers when logging any earthache separately after one-two weeks' trip backwards. Just to add one curiosity, I know couple of the geocachers, who used to log the EC later on the date they miss FI log in their "366 matrix" or when there is any souvenir awarded for the EC on particular day. This I count improper and stupid way of logging any geocache.
by Guru Joe (1.6k points)
+3 votes
Mostly, the visit of the site and mailing the answer are on the same day. So i log that date. But sometimes i can send the mail a day later, but i choose the date of the visit, when i log the Earthcache.

Never thought about it, though.
by NoobNader (Expert) (15.9k points)
+3 votes

I tend to agree with most - on the day I visited the site - that should be where most answers will have come from - if an EC relies just on research either later (or even earlier for that matter) then it shouldn't have passed the reviewers stage and so visiting the site is usually a 'have to' part of the process.

Its almost like saying with a puzzle cache - I solved this really hard 4*D puzzle on Monday, but signed the log on Thursday - when do I 'find' it ? Thursday of course as that is when you went to it 


by Deepdiggingmole (13.8k points)
+3 votes
Indeed I have seen this being handled in different manners but like most of the answers already given I log the day I have been on the site. I also maintain the sequence of visits (which actually my GPS does for me when using the Field Notes function). It has not happened to me that I had to visit an EC twice but in this case probably the second visit would be the preferred one. For all caches, it could happen that a few days pass until I do the online log but in all these cases the logging date should be the date I was at the site.
by Domino_67 (6.8k points)
+3 votes
I always log on the day of the visit of the earthcache
by mimh_de_benetnash (2.0k points)
+3 votes
I would say the day you visit the cache site... I have always completed the tasks on the same day so far.
by NSCR (4.5k points)
+3 votes
I normally use my visit date as log date; normally I found all answer available in web or in site during my visit, so that's my log date ;)
by Lord Yoruno (310 points)
+3 votes
Many have chimed in on this question and the answers vary significantly.  I personally always use the date I visited the physical location of the Earth Cache.  Good question though and I don't suspect there is an incorrect answer.
by RPStew (2.8k points)
+3 votes

altough you are right, with your thoughts about 'finishing an earth cache', I am logging an EC when i was there visiting. Especially since you don't need any ok for beeing allowed to log.


by wottles (1.8k points)
+3 votes
Definitively on the day I have visited the cache. That seems like the right way to go.
by JS&SV (1.7k points)
+3 votes
Usually we use the site-visit date as our logging date.
by Jack&Marty (210 points)
+3 votes
I use the date when I visited the site. Makes sense to me because it was that day I 'found' the cache.

Besides, my fieldnotes (ok, backlog) puts it on that date.
by LordWadar (640 points)
+3 votes
I think for me the best choice is to write the date when I visited the site. Otherwise I can make "a sting" of days with found cache without beeing there... so I can visit for example 30 earthcaches and then just stay at home and every day log one of them...
by Azeret6 (830 points)