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Logging of earthcaches

+10 votes
Just wondering which date people use when they are logging earthcaches. I tend to visit a site on one date, work out the answers at home some time later and then send the information to the CO, which is sometimes another date again. I use the date that I work out the answers as my 'found date' because that's when it feels I've completed the cache.

Now I know there's not going to be a rule as such, but I'd be interested to know which date other people use on these caches where there's nothing physical to sign and date.
asked Nov 27, 2016 in Miscellaneous by Carasek (530 points)
edited Nov 27, 2016 by Carasek

49 Answers

+2 votes
I usually log the earthcache with the date when I visited the place. At that time I was able to examine them, perform tasks, etc. Mostly the same day, but sometimes it happens that next, I edit the answer and send to the author. Regardless of whether I send them on the same day or another, I log on the earthcache the day I visited it and always after sending the reply to the author, and I put this information in the log (either for myself or for more interesting players;)) .

For example ( This is my geocache number 1126, which I visited at 2017-10-15 at 14:50. Replies sent on 2017-10-16 at 14:15, log: 2017-10-16, 14:17
answered Oct 30, 2017 by mietek112 (190 points)
+1 vote
The point of an earthcache is to take you to a location and teach you an earth science lesson through your observations at the site. It should not be to take you to a location and give you homework to complete later. The date I visit is the date I use for my log.

These days I try to log my finds from the field. But if I have no signal or get behind, I'll make a list and log later. If I have a mix of physical caches and virtual or earthcaches, it wouldn't make sense to use two different dates to log them, I'd use the date I was there for all of them.

Edit - ok, this thread is a little older than I realized. Please enjoy my answer one year on.
answered Oct 30, 2017 by hzoi (7,640 points)
edited Oct 30, 2017 by hzoi
+1 vote
I log them on the date that I have visited GZ
answered Oct 30, 2017 by BenandJules (380 points)
0 votes
I always try and research an EarthCache before visiting it. If I still need more information I will do my research as soon after visiting the cache as possible, so that the details are fresh in my mind. Too date that has always meant that I've logged the cache on the day that I visited. In any event visiting the cache itself is the 'key' activity and so I would always focus on that when logging the cache.

answered Nov 1, 2017 by Talpa europaea (150 points)
0 votes
As an owner of a few earthcaches I will accept logs on either the find date or the day they get permission to log. For me personally I log on the day I found/completed the earthcache.
answered Dec 5, 2017 by DARKSIDEDAN (3,650 points)
0 votes
I would log the day you visit the cache. I have a friend who has been waiting 3 months for the CO to give him permission to log the cache. I would just log it on the day that you obtained the information to message to co
answered Dec 10, 2017 by DARKSIDEDAN (3,650 points)
–3 votes
Normally, people must to send the answers and log it.
answered May 30, 2019 by Ariberna (1,520 points)
0 votes
Generally speaking my log date is the date I visited the location. There have been a couple of (from memory higher D rating) caches that I didnt gather all the info I needed at GZ and had to complete further research to be able to answer the questions (from memory this was mentioned as a likely scenario for most cachers). These ones I logged as the date when I finished gathering the required info. If its just a case of I sort through the info I gathered at GZ a couple of days later to send to CO, then the log date stays as the date I visited.
answered Jun 4, 2019 by BFMC (3,560 points)
0 votes
I use the date when I visited the site. Even when I write the answers some days later. Normally I send the date of visit together with my answer. And mostly I write some personal notes with the answer.
answered Jun 5, 2019 by supertwinfan (14,210 points)