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Related to as well as which is a recent enhancement added to the script. When you view a bookmark list on, you now have a link to view the bookmarklist on PGC.

Should a new enhancement be suggested to the script so that it only shows the PGC map link if the bookmarklist is shared and/or public, whichever the appropriate option needs to be?  If it's not shared, it can't be displayed on PGC, as far as I know. Maybe this is only relevant to our own caches since a cacher probably can't view a bookmark list page for another cacher if it's not shared.

An alternative enhancement would be that PGC doesn't require sharing when viewing a cachers own bookmark lists.

Or am I misunderstanding some setting, option, behavior of the new feature?
in Support and help by Team DEMP (1.5k points)
edited by Team DEMP
well ... not empty page, but no caches visible. Some better error message would be nice, but it is a work on the server side (and potentially to have a look into the possibility to load private lists).
But if there is no "shared" displayed on the page such as (shared) or (shared,public) or there's no reason to try and map the link. I'm still not clear if PGC needs it to be shared, public or public & shared before it can map the bookmark list.

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