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I've been converted to the Project GC live map after the awful changes to the map.  I've got to say, the PGC live map is awesome!

The only things that's missing is the blocking of ignored caches showing up on the map.  Is there any way to block certain caches?  Even if I have to re-do the list?  It's frustrating to see the map littered with caches I'm not interested in and challenges I've perhaps found but don't qualify for.

in Support and help by brendan714 (270 points)
this site is awesome but one last thing that I think it needs is to be able to ignore caches , either from your list from GC or even make a new one on here.
Even though I've been a paying member for quite a while, I haven't used the ability to build gpx through this site very much. I love the "polygon" drawing and the  possibility of adding a "fake log" which holds info about attributes, - BUT I just realized that ignored caches turns up in the gpx! That's a bummer :(

Please let us have an ignorelist!!

1 Answer

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The problem is that as of yet, the Live API (that lets project-gc and others access data from does not grant access to bookmark lists that aren't public. As of yet, your ignore list on is private and there is currently no way of changing that - either for you or for the makers of

You could, as you suggest, redo the list as a public bookmark list on Then you would potentially run into the same problems as this guy:

The other option is for project-gc to implement a feature that would allow their users to maintain their own separate ignore list that they would then have to maintain separately from their ignore list on

The third option is to wait for to change their Live API (and for project-gc to then work in the changes). That would be the one I would prefer - but then again, my ignore list is small. I tend to go find the caches instead and then remove them through the "Remove my finds" filter ;)

by Funky_Boris (9.8k points)