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I have Firefox 50.0.2 with Greasemonkey Project-GC 1.6.3 but it won't "load" for me.

It used to load automatically before but I wonder if this newer Fierfox has made it inoperable.

GreaseMonkey used to appear here

Greasemonkey used to appear in the highlighted area. Now nothing even though it is the add-in is still enabled.

in Miscellaneous by PeterNoG (350 points)
edited by PeterNoG
what firefox version are you using? What does it mean "won't load"? Can you post a screenshot?
I'm running FF 50.0.2 with the 1.6.3 version of the Project-GC script and it seems to be working fine for me.

When you go to and mouse over the Greasemonkey icon that should be to the right of the URL bar in FF, does the info show Greasemonkey is activated and 1 script is active?
Shows you how much I know about GreaseMonkey scripts. Greasemonkey was disabled for some reason but now that I activated it, everything is working fine.
Thanks for your help

2 Answers

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GreaseMonkey was disabled for some reason. I clicked the dimmed GreaseMonkey icon to activated GreaseMonkey and the script ran immediately.

by PeterNoG (350 points)
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I had got the same problem after updating ot 50.0.2. I deleted Greasmonkey and installed it again. Then it worked perfect same before.
by Sportsofa (2.3k points)