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Hi all!

The local geocaching communites in Norway run several Advent calendars for different areas, where we each day have one geocache published from Dec. 1st to Dec. 24th. Cachers are awarded points for logging the Advent calendar caches in December. Extra for FTF's, co-FTF's, own listings and so forth. Needless to say this creates a great competition and fun times. The job associated with updating the statistics and keeping score has become all but trivial with the growing number of participants.

This year, I've made a crude PowerShell-script for updating the stats, but there's still some manual labour required to get it done. Then I thought of Project-gc, maybe we can implement the Advent calendar stats here and have it automatic and near-realtime?

I'd be very interested in access to try and get it up and running, if at all possible.. Hopefully it will be usable by other communities running their own Advent calendars.

All the best, Thorin Eikenskjold
in Feature requests by Thorin Eikenskjold (150 points)

1 Answer

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Thorin, how does your point system work? You have my interest in starting something like this here in Washington state (west coast of US), even though it's too late for 2016.  Thanks for any information you can give me. Happy caching!
by Go-pher-It (1.0k points)
Hi! The points system is quite simple. We ask for volunteers to publish the listings, one team for each day. One listing gives 3 points in the competition. Then when ready for publishing, we gather the GC-code for all caches to be released in the competition. On publishing, I would add the cache to a bookmark list to find it easily. So a solo FTF on one of these in December is 3 points. co-FTF rewards 2 points for each. Finding the cache on it's publishing day gives 2 points, while finding it some time during December is worth 1 point. Also attending the traditional Lucia event on December 13th awards 2 points.. So there it is, quite simple.. :)
Many places in both Norway and Sweeden have got calendars. Some with the point told about here. But also lots without it. At "my" area we first had an "planing event" with fun discussing earlier years and planing this one. I think we where 20? owners of the 24 dates. Ending up with 6 events, one letterbox, 4 multies, 5 unknown and the rest traditionals. Every owner find his/her own way to do it. The reviewers put them out at the right date, as long as we send them in  at least 14 days before with a wish for the date.
The rules we have is no T5 or D5 and inside our area (Nord-Trøndelag and Sør-Trøndelag). Mostly they seem to end up very close to the biggest town here... I know at least one smaller place in the area had their own.
So every day everyone is waiting for "Todays box". Good fun!! Highly recomended. All luck to you and your freinds next year, Go-pher-It!