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Virtual GPS - move between sections

+2 votes
I'd like a feature where you can move caches between two sections.

For exampel:
You've got a section (A) with mysterys when you solve mysterys then you can move them to section (B), the solved mystery section.

Alot easier to keep track on wich ones you've solved or not.
asked Nov 20, 2014 in Feature requests by Yngve Myrslok (550 points)
This is more of a side note than an actual answer, but still. On the Map Compare page you can see on the cache icon if you have solved the mystery (or multi, or wherigo, or whatever) or not. If it has updated coordinates, there will be a small checkbox icon in the lower left corner of the icon. Unfortunately there is no option to show only caches without solutions, but it still helps to find them.

1 Answer

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Best answer

I'll copy/paste my answer from the other post.

You can only move the whole section as it works today. If my memory doesn't deceive me there is something called "merge sections".

Regardless, the whole VGPS system will be rewritten, with a plan to release it this year. The new system will look nothing like the old one. With that I wanted to say that this most likely will be possible in the "VGPS2". In fact "sections" won't exist, but another design that should fill the same purpose.

Now when I understand your idea, I can understand that it's not moving all you want, and then I have to say that it's most likely not possible. At least not in a smooth way.

You can add a new section. You will be asked for gc-codes, and can enter it manually. If you name that section the same as an existing one, it will merge automatically (please test with a case where you can afford to lose the data in case it just replaced, but I think it will merge). Otherwise, create with new name and then merge, but that is even more work. Anyway, when you have added the solved cache "again", you can remove it from the old section.

It's abvious that this isn't a very nice workflow for the purpose, but that is the best/only way today I think. But I would expect it to be smoother in "VGPS2".

answered Nov 20, 2014 by magma1447 (Admin) (208,230 points)
selected Nov 20, 2014 by Yngve Myrslok