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Happy New Year!

+16 votes
It has just ticked over to 2017 here in Australia and I just wanted to say thanks to Project GC for providing us with another great year of using this website. Also, thanks for all those who took the time to post questions and answers this year.

I hope 2017 will be even better and I look forward to using this website next year and to any new features that might be added.
asked Dec 31, 2016 in Miscellaneous by Potatonator (9,720 points)

23 Answers

+2 votes
Happy New Year from Aberdeenshire Scotland home of the 2019 UK Mega.
answered Jan 1 by ShammyLevva (Expert) (8,090 points)
+2 votes
And another great Happy New Caching year from East Anglia in England, which today is dark and gloomy and wet, but with a caching event to go to later, we'll soon brighten up the start of the year!!
answered Jan 1 by GCZ Team (7,800 points)
+2 votes

Happy New Year from Slovakia! May it bring us new outdoor challenges and the fun and satisfaction while fulfilling them! Thanks the PGC team and its contributors (all of us) for making this passion even more pleasant. :-)

answered Jan 1 by Guru Joe (1,570 points)
+2 votes
A happy new year and all good geocaching wishes to you for the new year.

Hope to see this website get even better, although that would be a tough task.

Thanks to the whole team and all of you who help other geocachers with their problems.
answered Jan 1 by NoobNader (Expert) (15,190 points)
+1 vote
Happy new year fom Sonthofn - Allgäu - Germany :-)
answered Jan 1 by Sportsofa (2,250 points)
+1 vote
Happy New Year 2017 from Belgium we wish everyone.

Sigi & Heinz

answered Jan 1 by Minos2003 (3,710 points)
+1 vote
I began the new year with submitting three new challenge caches.
answered Jan 1 by TerraViators (2,400 points)
+2 votes
May 2017 be a good one for you all.

Best wishes from South Africa
answered Jan 1 by ChrisDen (3,800 points)
+1 vote
Happy New Year 2017 from the Czech Republic, I wish you all.
answered Jan 1 by rendystod (1,190 points)
+1 vote
Happy New Year form Canada, eh!
answered Jan 1 by Mike Fitz (2,860 points)
0 votes
Happy new year from Czech republic too. Happy caching around whole world.
answered Jan 1 by Jakuje (Moderator) (54,250 points)
+1 vote
Happy New Year from the Netherlands!
answered Jan 1 by Aventurijn (560 points)
+1 vote
Happy New Year to everybody!
answered Jan 1 by (1,150 points)
0 votes
Happy New Year from Austria to all Cachers out there!
answered Jan 2 by GoForthAqua (310 points)
0 votes
Hope you had a great new year guys!!!!
answered Jan 2 by NSCR (3,780 points)
+1 vote

Happy New Year from Slovakia!

answered Jan 3 by drobec (3,380 points)
0 votes

Nobody from Switzerland will wish a Happy New Year? So I will do it now. smiley

answered Jan 3 by smellfooth (3,050 points)
0 votes
Happy new year to all from Eidsvoll - Norway
answered Jan 3 by egravraa (200 points)
0 votes

Happy New Year from Rostock to everyone! smiley

answered Jan 5 by antidotes (210 points)
0 votes

Good new year 2017 geocaching and happiness for all ... of all the trégor of brittany in france for all the people of all the earth !

traduit du francais par google

bonne nouvelle année 2017 de géocaching et de bonheur pour tous ... de tout le trégor de bretagne en france pour tous les gens de toute la terre !

answered Jan 7 by Chup'a (7,230 points)