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D9 + T9 One Day Challenge

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Is there a checker on PGC for GC51DFZ Challenge: 

D9 + T9 One Day Challenge



asked Nov 21, 2014 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by derek78 (170 points)
Because my German is very bad I have to use google translate and the requirement are not clear. Can you only have those 9 finds in a day? are more finds ok?
Yes, more finds is okay
If I understand the translated cache description it's only allowed to use 9 caches and those should fill the whole D/T matrix. So one cache will have D1 and one will have D1,5 and one have D2 etc. And one cache will have T1, one have T1,5 and one have T2 etc. With only 9 caches that means there can't be any duplicates (like one cache being D1T1 and another being D1T2, because then you would need more than 9 caches to fill the D/T-matrix).

1 Answer

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I could use a similar script for my challenge:

9 D5 caches in one day, with each T rating, max. 5 challenge caches.

And there is the opposite:


Cheers, bigchen.
answered Nov 21, 2014 by bigchen (150 points)