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Wiping to move maps in Ms Edge?

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I'm using PGC very often on my tablet computer with Ms Edge but I never got wiping to work with the maps to scroll to another area. Sometimes the map moves a few pixels but then it gets stuck again.

I always need to reopen the site with Internet Explorer which supports wiping to move the map. Though this workaround works it would be great to be able to move the map in Edge too. :->

Is this a known issue which can be fixed or does anyone know a workaround for Edge?

On another site with an embedded Google map I saw that they are detecting wiping with two fingers and this moves the map in Edge too, while wiping with one finger displays a message to use two finger wiping.

Since I found no other topic with that issue here at the support forum I assume that other tablet browsers (iPad, Android) don't have this issue?
asked Jan 17, 2017 in Support and help by TCapitano (280 points)
I would not be surprised that the Edge would not be supported. It works just fine in both Firefox and Chromium, having major representation in the world and additional benefits against proprietary MS stuff.
On a touch device Edge is working just fine. Though IE is working for wiping gestures in the maps, it's not optimized for touch usage and sometimes people don't have administrational rights on company hw and are not allowed to install whatever they want... ;)

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