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–3 votes

It is always a bit annoying to count in two ways, with and without LAB caches.wink

in Feature requests by Zazza1 (680 points)

2 Answers

+5 votes
Lab caches have only just been added into PGC. There is still a lot of work behind the scenes to fully integrate them. This is happening, be patient!

There is a lot of other behind the scenes work that happens that we don't see - things like server maintenance, code optimisations, and every now and then Ganja1447 wants to go out geocaching. He also needs to sleep sometime. Integrating lab caches is on the list, it just that Ganja cannot devote as much time on it as you and I might like.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (42.8k points)
Ok, I was just wondering.. :)  But what have Ganjas sleeping have to do with my question Seagnoid?
+1 vote

I think that still remains situationdescribed in FAQ ( - Lab caches are still not included in the Geocaching API,but Project-GC somehow calculate this number (difference between FI logs and FI count)

In your personal profile you can see number of your lab caches found 

(in your case 

Zazza1 has 2980 finds on 2980 unique geocaches,

plus 10 lab caches, a total of 2990 finds)

by drobec (4.5k points)
I know that :)