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+7 votes
I have a TB in a race that is doing really poorly. Today I compared it to the other bugs, and neither seem to have moved very far. This led me to the conclusion that I have probably travelled further myself during the same time, and wanted to check this.

Since I couldn't find a way to check this I suggest this as a new statistics: the distance I (or any other cacher) has travelled from cache to cache during a given time.

(I wouldn't put this high on the priority list, but it is a nice to have if it is easy to implement.)
in Feature requests by knuslet (890 points)
It's a strange idea... But... why not. It should be a nice challenge for a challenge cache... It'll be a little bit special for locationless cache (but it's the same for the total distance).
Hello Hslombardot2, this would be more like comment on the initial idea, than an answer in the concept of Q&A as described in the box on the right.
To your idea: this checker already exists:
But having this implemented in the site that everyone could run it for a timeframe of his selection would be very nice.
I would vote for this statistics. Might be interesting.

1 Answer

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I have a couple of travel bugs in a TB race.  One is missing and one has been stuck with the same person for seven months.  I am not planning on winning the race.  How I compare my distance to the TB's in the race is having an extra TB that I keep on me and I log it as visit every cache I go to or attend.  That gives me a rough estimate of how far I have traveled since I activated that TB.
by Bloomzinski (150 points)
Agree, that's smart and that's what I do as well. This way you get rough picture about a distance driven. However it only works from the date you have activated your TB onward. But those days (months, years) prior are not counted... :)