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Feature Request - Livemap search for a GC code

+5 votes
We've been using Project-GC for several years and recently signed up for a three year membership.    Every time I dig around on this product I'm amazed at how much functionality is included - very impressive from an engineering perspective!

There is one particular feature missing from the Livemap that is very frustrating - the ability to search for a cache by GC code.    There are several ways to work around this (e.g. create a virtual GPS, enter the GC code there then map the virtual GPS) but I haven't found any that are particularly convenient.  I see that the ability to search via GC code is listed as a feature planned for the future.    Any idea when this functionality might be implemented?

Thank you very much for all that you do in support of our community!
asked Feb 12, 2017 in Feature requests by sshicks (170 points)

1 Answer

–1 vote

I don't know if that would solve your problems, but if you open the cache, for example by writing the GC code to the URL scheme and you have Project-GC browser extension installed, you will find a link "Project-GC Live map" on top of the page, which will open the Live map on the place where the cache is.

answered Feb 13, 2017 by Jakuje (Moderator) (101,050 points)
Jakuje --

Thank you for the suggestion.   So far, I've avoided installing the browser extension as I'd prefer to stick with out of the box solutions.   (I use multiple browsers on multiple platforms and don't particularly want to get involved with installing/maintaining Greasemonkey/Tapermonkey, the extension, etc).    I may give that a try, though.

I'm hoping that adding a "Search by GC Code" directly to the Live Map won't involve too much engineering effort.   I suspect that others would make frequent  use of this function too.    Does anyone have any idea whether this would be a difficult function to implement and whether it is likely to find its way into the product anytime soon?

Thanks again for your suggestion and help!
To be honest, i rarely search for caches using their gc-code. Rather by using keywords, e.g. parts of the name or by owner. And if you don't want to install the plugin, then try the following: go to the url and then look at the map in the listing. Then open a second tab in your favorite browser and go to the PGC live map and search the region.

Iti s not a convenient way, but you would not need to install the plugin, although  it is great to have it in your browser ;-)
NoobNader --

Thank you for the suggestion.   I sometimes do what you describe (open up a second tab and map to the same area) but that isn't particularly convenient either.

I was interested in your suggestion of searching on the cache name.   Unless I'm missing something (certainly possible!) the search function on the Live Map seems to only search for geographical location - not geocache name.

I am hopeful that the Project GC developers will soon add the "Search via GC Code" function.   It is still listed as a planned feature for the future.    Implementing this feature would make the product much more flexible and user friendly (at least for those of us who frequently use GC codes.).

Thanks again!
No, you cannot search for the cache name in the search field. That search works for locactions. But you can use the filter to search for cache titles (or parts of it).
Noobnader --

Thanks for the clarification on using "Filter" to search for cache titles.    That works quite well if the cache is located in the current "field" of the map.

Again, my real frustration is the lack of a simple "Search for GC Code" function.   In my opinion this function should be part of the "basic" toolset of any Geocaching mapping tool or application.   I know that it is on the list of planned enhancements to Live Map.    I'm just hoping that it gets implemented sooner rather than later!

Thank you!