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+3 votes
Anyone else having issues like this on now? When I try to access my statistics I get this message : "Profile janinge68 not found (names are case sensitive)",and cannot check anything. And yes,I am a paying member,and no,payment is not due yet.Don` t know what this problem might be. Just wondered if anyone else have the same issues..
in Bug reports by janinge68 (310 points)
recategorized by janinge68
When did you register to project-gc? It might take some time to generate your statistics. Or did it work before?
It` s been working for years,up until today. Quite weird...
I see the same error with my stats. There is probably some bigger problem with latest update:
Ok,I just saw the same with one more local cacher here in my area. Hope it will be ok soon. Thanks for answering.
In case you want to see your stats, they should be still visible on
But still, this is certainly a bug, which should get fixed asap (please, change the category to Bug reports since it is more suitable).
Also the souvenirs page is empty:
same problem with username read_til_u_die

1 Answer

+2 votes
There seem to have been some issues with the API to A few users has been deleted from our database, most likely because we have received something say they don't exist (or something our code has interpreted like that).

I have re-added you both, and it should work properly now again. This would have auto fixed itself, though I don't know how fast without looking it up. I will try to find out what job would fix this and manually run it so that it's fixed for all users who has gotten this problem.
by magma1447 (Admin) (232k points)
Thanks a lot. Seems to be working better now. Not everything is like it sh√łud be yet,but I guess when updates the statistics again tomorrow we will be back on track. Thanks again for quick response.
You have 2976 finds at both and in our database. So if Profile stats isn't saying that, it should on next update.

Before checking the numbers I also started a job to refresh all data about your finds, so that will also run tonight.