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Cache missing in section D/T-Matrix for cache type Multi (ProfileStats)

+1 vote

when I open my profile stats ( and change in section D/T-Matrix to cache type multi (upper right button in this section) there appears a zero for Difficulty "4" and Terrain "1" in the matrix, even thought I've found a cache of this rating in 2014: /

Whereas for Difficulty 4,5 and Terrain 1 I do not have found a multi cache. There a "1" ist displayed.

The strange thing is, that this only happens, when I've authenticted myself. When I call my profile without authentification everything is correctly displayed.

Could you please check. Thanks a lot in advance.

Best wishes

asked Feb 15, 2017 in Bug reports by CaptnSharky (250 points)
I guess it's possible that that cache used to be 4.5/1 and was recently changed to 4/1 and the D/T matrix hasn't been re-calculated to match.
That might be possible, but it's not the case here.

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