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in Feature requests by WoIstBehle (260 points)

1 Answer

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As I've understood it, GGZ is an undocumented format so it would need to be reverse-engineered first. Also, there are just a few units that understand the format so I don't know if the amount of work to do that would be justifiable at this point.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (178k points)
selected by WoIstBehle
After a fast research I found several tools for a gpx to ggz transformation and a documentation of the format. As this format is implemented in new Garmin devices (starting 2013) there will be a growing demand for this format, as it helps to overcome the number of cache-restrictions of Garmin devices. It would be very helpful to directly generate a GGZ-File without GPX-Files and other scripts.
The format is documented enough that other applications seem able to implement it.  This includes GSAK.

Also this other thread is still showing interest. Garmin is the only brand still chasing the geocaching market and all new receivers are ingesting it.

It also is of benefit to gsak users as the format is basically a zip file with a bunch of smaller gpx files inside.  Processing these uses a smaller memory footprint making the import more reliable and quicker.  This is especially an issue when a user exports 100 logs/cache.