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I frequently use the Map Compare tool to find out which caches are a good option for trips with certain geocachers. The filter will remember which geocachers I wish to compare finds with, and the country and region is also remembered. I, however, always have to select the conties manually every time.

I often search for caches in my own county (municipality) and the neighbouring ones. That's 4 selections every time I use the tool. On top of that, the list of counties is empty initially, so the procedure is as such:

  1. Click on Map Compare
  2. Click on another region than the one you want (the correct region is selected, but the list of counties is empty)
  3. Click on the correct region (only then will the correct list of counties appear)
  4. Click on the first county and hold down CTRL
  5. Repeat (4) until all counties are selected
  6. Click "Filter"
This is of course doable but tedious. My suggestion is to implement some of the following
  • Make a favorites list that can be selected as an option in the "Cache location" filter. It will then be like a speed dial to frequently used configurations of the cache location filter.
  • Make the "Cache location" filter remember the last selection on county(s) as well as country and region. That will at least make subsequent queries on the same areas easier.
  • Make the Custom Filter able to specify cache location as well. 
Any of the above will help.
in Feature requests by Funky_Boris (9.8k points)
I am betting this is a bug. The current  County should be remembered across sessions,the same way as the current country. The bug is that the field is not being pre-populated.
Add location to the custom filter, then your favorites can include cache sizes, etc

1 Answer

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It's possible to do with custom filters if you add each region as separate criteria, creating a OR filter. I did this to get caches from only a few counties as was interested in.
by StadsAlv (10.0k points)