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0 votes
Some challenges require specific caches to be found from a list. For example:

GC47F89 WaStatePks100: 50-Cache Challenge
GC2ZCKM WSGA Cache of the Month Challenge
GC231XZ Ancient Caches of King County - A Challenge Cache
GC1QRW4 Snohomish County History Lesson

Is there an existing script that can do this?
in Miscellaneous by obarshay (220 points)

2 Answers

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Most reasonable is to use one of the bookmark checkers, and then have someone maintain a bookmark list.

It is of course also possible to have a list of gccodes in a config. I haven't personally seen such script yet. I think most would agree that it's easier to maintain a bookmark list.

An example of such tag is:

PS! Such challenges are actually against the Groundspeak guidelines from all I know. But that is pretty unrelated to the topic. As long as such challenges exists, your question is definitely relevant.
by magma1447 (Admin) (230k points)
edited by magma1447 (Admin)
Can you please point to an existing bookmark checker for reference?
Updated my answer and included a link. Generally it's quite easy to find. Go to the checker page (Tools/Checkers), delselect country, add "bookmark" in the search field and you will find plenty.
+1 vote
I took the libery and stated to tag them

GC47F89 WaStatePks100: 50-Cache Challenge:

GC2ZCKM WSGA Cache of the Month Challenge: I suspect that no bookmark checker can be use when the caches has to be winner more then 12 month ago add that if they are archived you have to log them before the were archived.

GC231XZ Ancient Caches of King County - A Challenge Cache: All in the list has to be found. the checker can't do that, Pleas ask the writer for a update

GC1QRW4 Snohomish County History Lesson The bookmark list includes more then the 50 oldest and cant be used for this checker.

Only one of the four is possiblel with the current script
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
I already tagged the WaStatePks100... one of the issues is that the official list includes the challenge cache itself. I guess it's one of those bugs that will "never happen." But would be nice to exclude an item from a list. For the WSGA Cache of The Month, I ended up tagging it anyway even though there is no way to enforce the 12 month rule. I will follow your suggestion though and contact the script author.
You still miss the requirement that the caches has to be active when you find them
That's a tricky one... is that type of check even possible given the current API? You would need all the logs for the cache to know if it was found while disabled or past archival.
You have the last archive date on a cache. The problem is if a cache has been archived unarchived and then archived again. The challenge is not clear in that case.
I dont know if there is appropriate to make a checker that says that you are ok when you aren't sure the cache are.