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Multiple discoveries of the same trackable [closed]

+1 vote
Quick query - if I discovery or pick up the same trackable on more than occasion, does each log count separately towards Badgegen and belt info stats, or is it one per TB no matter how many times I log it? I've just been to an event, and I know I've logged at least one of the TBs there before.
closed with the note: Answered
asked Mar 13 in Support and help by Optimist on the run (10,750 points)
closed Mar 15 by Optimist on the run

3 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer
I'm almost certain that it only counts each trackable once. I'm sure I've logged a group of trackables in the past and only had my count go up by a smaller number than how many I logged (because I'd probably found some before)
answered Mar 13 by sumbloke (23,300 points)
selected Mar 14 by Optimist on the run
+2 votes
We agree with sumbloke. We've experienced exactly the same thing. We don't think multiple loggings create more than one score on Badgegen. Which seems fair to us.
answered Mar 13 by GCZ Team (6,720 points)
+1 vote
If you discover a trackable more than once, the website will not count more than one for the trackable.

Thus, the Bagdegen tool will not know about the duplicate discoveries and will not count them.

Had more than one TB-stamp discovered multiple times and the counter did not go up. That seems fair to me, too.
answered Mar 14 by NoobNader (14,950 points)