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Hi, I started planning my GC-Trips with the virtual GPS Tools of gc-project. Its great.

At Least , i am able to create a gpx File which can be downloaded.

But how do I get this file on my Ipad or iphone tool (Looking4Cache).


I do manage it  with steps downloading it to my mac, unzip it , move it to dropbox and finally import it to L4C. But there must be an easyer way. isn't it?


Thanks for any help. (perhaps in german??? my english ist awful).


greets Thomas0809
in Support and help by Thomas0809 (1.3k points)

1 Answer

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Hi there,


In the free version you have to transfer the gpx via iTunes, in the Pro version you can load from the iOS mail client.


See the looking4cache website at for more information on this.


Happy Caching!





by !RedStag (1.5k points)
selected by Thomas0809