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+2 votes
I know I can do this in GSAK but it would be nice to do it on PGC because this is where I make my GPX files. It would be great to be able to build a gpx file by publish date. I make big files so it would be more convenient to add to it by grabbing the newest caches rather than building a whole new file.
in Feature requests by rockn'roll (610 points)
Hidden date is not enough?
Somebody can hide a cache 6 months ago get it published 1 week ago and when you search by hidden date for the last week it won't pick it up. Searching for caches by hidden dates has its purpose, like for challenges, but we need search by published date to really cap off this wonderful site.
We have an event in the winter to promote new caches, which starts in November trying to get people to hide caches but they don't get published until a certain date in February. If you were to try and grab these caches when they get published by hidden date you wouldn't find most of them. This is just one example of the difference between hidden and published
This needs it ... Checkout geocache "CHALLENGE - Happy Birthday" (GC805F9) #geocaching #cachly so I too would like that feature.
According to the listing this challenge is NOT about the publish date but about hidden date.
Lol.  Thanks then.  My french appalling and this was the google translate.

To succeed this challenge, you must have found at least one cache asked the day of your registration on

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