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Is it possible to easily see a list of which caches you have found that are now archived? [closed]

+1 vote
As per the question really. I like to keep an eye on my 'Caches found which are now archived' stat, and each time it goes up I find myself wondering which cache (or caches) has been archived. I can't see a way to easily check, and wondered if there is a way?

closed with the note: Answered
asked Nov 21, 2014 in Feature requests by Paperballpark (11,490 points)
closed Nov 21, 2014 by Paperballpark

2 Answers

+1 vote

Go to Tools > Map Compare and enter your geoname and country. Then select cachetypes and sizes (all) and tick the Show Archived checkbox. This will create a map of all your finds and will show those who are archived too with a special icon.

answered Nov 21, 2014 by Filidutterna (930 points)
But your solution didn't show only the archived caches (which was the question here, wasn't it?)
That's great, thanks! Combined with the answer below, it's exactly what I was looking for!
WOw, I wondred the same thing and never knew that you could do this stuff.
+2 votes
Best answer
If you have a paid membership with Project-GC, you can combine Fillidutternas answer with to see only the archived caches.
answered Nov 21, 2014 by magma1447 (Admin) (216,700 points)
selected Nov 21, 2014 by Paperballpark
That's it perfectly. Thanks! It also taught me how to use custom filters.