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i read the previous answer to this and appreciate the resources to chew threw a GPX file just to get a GC code are hardly worth it. That said, I have been trying to operate with just an iPad when traveling so all the solutions for extracting GC code using Excel or GSAK are of no help. I tried all spreadsheet apps and none read GPX. I assume data connectivity since I will employ Project-GC when I have the GC code list to put them in a virtual GPS.

Can you think of other online tools that will make this reasonable? I hoped CyberChef with XPath would work but largish GPX files stall the browser plus manual tweaks to remove the namespace have to be done. Just very frustrating. GPSVisualizer with GPX to text sort of works but the GC code is mingled with a "placed by string" so not easily extractable.

This would be so easy with a real computer. Sigh.
in Support and help by rragan (720 points)

1 Answer

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Since it is already a second question about the same thing I put together simple web tool that parses GPX files and dumps a list of GC codes. Just select a file(s):

I hope it will suit your needs. Tested with the GPX files from Geocaching and from PGC. In case of any problems, let me know.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
Using the Dropbox chooser to open a .gpx file, I get errors.

AllDifficultyOneDay.gpx (text/plain) - 304740 bytes -- not GPX (XML) file
Overseas.gpx (text/plain) - 1904034 bytes -- not GPX (XML) file
The problem is that Dropbox really does not know the MIME type. Could the check be extended to allow file name ending with a .gpx extension or the Mime type as the code currently does. Thanks so much.

// extract extension from file name
var ext = fileName.substr(fileName.lastIndexOf('.') + 1);
Thank you for comments. Updated to match also the extension.
Awesome, works great Jakuje!
I can not get the converter to work today. It just sits there and does nothing. Does it still work?
NEVERMIND. It works in Chrome