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I'm appreciating and gladly using all of the PGC features, especially since I've turned paying member few years ago. You are getting closer to the perfection. yes

My concern at this moment are the logs edited on the geocaches I own. Even though there are not really much of them. Do not considere this any request, please. Rather a pure question. 

Would it be technically possible to include the genuine logs in the emails sent by the "Edited logs notification"?

Well, I know, I can compare the new, edited log with the genuine one, saved in my mailbox. Still it would spare my time, if I saw both in one email and so I could get the info immediately and get the clue, what and why has it been changed. Especially if it happens with few years' old logs.

I found one older related question:, but this one was asked and answered in September 2014. And really much has changed on GC and PGC sites since then.


in Support and help by Guru Joe (1.6k points)

1 Answer

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At the time when we created the "edited logs notifiers", we only had access to the new version. Code changes since then makes us have access to both versions.

The plan is to include them both, or one of them and a diff. Last time we looked at it we couldn't decide exactly how to implement it, since then it has been put on ice. It's still a plan to implement it though.
by magma1447 (Admin) (233k points)
Thanks for the update on this issue and for keeping it a part of your plans. :)
@magma1447 - do you still plan to add this feature?  I have not seen any on my caches, but I have heard of an increase in people logging notes and then later changing to finds without signing the log; having the original og included in the edited log email would help detect people who cheat like this.
It's definitely the plan. We do not have any estimate though. I know a very long time has passed, but we are quite out of resources.

We have some very important deadlines the coming months. One of them being the fact that we must adjust to a new API from Geocaching HQ.