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+2 votes
I am looking for a tool or a p-gc function, that allows me to show the number of all "found" logs for a defineable area in a defineable timeframe. For example: all found logs for all cache types for the location Germany / Baden-W├╝rttemberg / Ostalbkreis for the year 2016. Best would be with definable cachetype, D/T, size, location, log time, log type (found, DNF, NA,...)....

Is this possible already? Where or how-to?
in Support and help by ebnater (690 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
You already have the statistics '"op Finders" that give information on each year with a different color on a specific region or the "Top Caches in One Year"

The request is possible with few mathematics on date and two personnal filters:

Calculate the number of days since the begin of period you would take into account: ex 21/09/2016 today = 156 days. Then the same for the end date of period : ex 21/01/2017 = 86 days.

Then make two personal filter based on last days since found.

Then use each of these filters on same specific region, the difference give you the 'found' for the period.
On this you may apply any other generic filter for size, terrain, type, etc ...
by Pepegeo (10.4k points)