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+23 votes
I would like to see on the map section of the statistics where I have found most caches in the country, similarly to how it is done on
Would this be possible?
in Feature requests by pingurus (2.2k points)
That sounds nice. If I'm not mistaken currently this is displayed with various shades so one only would have to replace that with a colour palette and one would be done, right?
Well, in project-gc it is currently simply green, irrelevant how many caches you have found in a region.
The question is : do we want to show the absolute number or the percentage of country covered ..
Yes, I was wrong with the colour coding indeed (green shades is what GC uses).
To me the most useful scale would be the percentage of your own finds. If you have 2000 finds in total, and 300 of them in Nirvanistan, this country would get the 15% colour. Absolute numbers might also work but then small countries would never get out of the low % ranks while percentage of area covered would have the same issue for large countries, with the added disadvantage of requiring added calculation. But technically all these should be possible.
I think it should be the percentage of caches you've found, as it gets the best results for most people. It doesn't matter then how many caches you've found in total, the colour scale could be the same for everyone.
It would be interesting to see the percentages in relation to the area of the country, but I think the simple percentage would be more relevant for most people.
Sounds like an excellent idea to me

edit: not a answer
I'd like to see this as well.  That was the reason I first started using the old stats site (since redone into a caching blog), then dabbled with MacDefender's stats program before finally settling on using GSAK and FindStatGen.

I like that FindStatGen lets me set my own color scheme and the numbers at which a particular area will change color.  I'd either like that ability, or just having set numbers overall that defined color change.  I would prefer not to replicate the the one color percentage scheme that is in effect for the stats page; it  isn't very helpful if one has cached a great deal in one area and then only has a handful of finds in another area.  Our world map there shows the USA prominently and then the rest of the world is light green; even though we have hundreds of finds in Germany, it doesn't stand out much due to the wan color scheme.

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