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+1 vote
As it is not important and not necessary please disable the 161m-circles around archived caches on the map.
in Feature requests by Der Grosse Baer DGB (1.9k points)
PGC has 161m circles on the map? Am I missing something?

1 Answer

+3 votes
While your request could be achieved, it is not really practical.

The maps show 161m circles for acrhived caches because they show it for all caches shown (which is not necessarily correct either, as the map query may be filtered). There are other erroneous situations such as unsolved unknown caches and multis that do not include physical cache components at the published coordinates which should not have 161m circles.

Expanding your request to include unknown puzzles would not work as the puzzle final may be within the 161m circle. Or it may not.

I recommend instead you realise that the 161m circles are only an aid, and not something reliable, and that when considering places to place a cache, you use a map that filters out archived caches (such as map compare).
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.4k points)
edited by the Seagnoid (Expert)
More importantly, it's easy to make a query without the archived caches. That way, no circles will appear in error due to that.