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0 votes
When I copy the HDML text again, the red icon is duplicated. How1 can I show my profile stats again?
in Support and help by Bloodsock (120 points)

4 Answers

+1 vote
You have set your statistics to be hidden on That means that by default they start out as hidden on Project-GC as well. You can either change your statistics to public and it will all work, or you can go to the Profile Statistics page on Project-GC, click "> Settings", and make your statistics here public.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (158k points)
Many thanks for responding.  I have set my stats to public and that hasn't shown the Project-GC stats, only the stats.  I can't see anywhere to make the Project-GC stats public. There is a check box for hiding the stats but this was not, and is not checked.  I'm stumped!
Project-GC doesn't check that setting live, so you will need to wait up to 24h for this change to propagate to here. Also, your statistics are already generated for today (as the red icon), so you need to wait for the next regeneration of the stats anyway.
OK, thanks for your help.
it seems like a bug... althrough i have unchecked hide my stats there is red warning about stats hidding
As I said, you need to wait for a stat refresh after changing the setting.
I understand but I have never changed that settings, it was always set as public visible
Project-GC didn't respect that default value before.
24 hours has passed with no change.  I have deleted the HTML code and re-entered it twice but I still have the red icon.  Both and Project-GC are set for my stats to be public. Where do I go from here?
As far as I can see, you don't need to go anywhere. When I check your profile at I can see your stats from Project-GC as expected. If you still can't I'd expect that to be a browser caching issue. Try pressing shift-reload. That, however is a problem on your computer that I expect will solve itself soon anyway. For others, your stats are visible.
Many thanks for your help.  I'm glad the stats are visible to others.  I've just checked my profile again and they are now visible to me too.  Phew!!
0 votes
This happened to me once. I deleted the HTML code and re-added it and that resolved the problem straight away :-D

This may not be the reason but it fixed the problem for my profile
by NSCR (4.5k points)
0 votes
today that happens me twice too.
without any changes in settings or something else.
also if I open profile stats page on PGC there is big red warning that stats are hidden for others. it seems like some kind of bug on site
by drobec (4.5k points)
0 votes

This also happened to us yesterday, too. We had definitely NOT set our statistics to be hidden on, but they had changed to that status anyway. We went into preferences on and changed it back so that our statistics were not hidden. Today all is OK with our statbar and profile again after the update. Something may have happened with rather than Project-GC.

by GCZ Team (20.2k points)