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–1 vote
None of the project-gc checkers works for my profile name any more, and I see a red message that my stats are hidden from others. But when I check the settings none of the check boxes are selected in the section show/hide from others.

I have not changed this, the red message just appeared a couple of days ago. I know I did not change this, because I used 30 minutes just to FIND the settings page now.... so this seems like a bug, right?
in Bug reports by rodmyr (150 points)
edited by rodmyr

4 Answers

+1 vote
Are you mixing up two different issues in one?
"Your stats are hidden from others!" is a message related to Profile stats and not Challenge checkers.

There was an expression that did the opposite of what it was meant to. The issue was just the displayed warning nothing else. I bugfix was just released for that.

Regarding the checkers. Do you have any other information, like an error message? Have you tried logging out and re-authenticate?
by magma1447 (Admin) (230k points)
0 votes
It turns out that under certain conditions you could get that message even when it didn't apply, as for you. Your stats were still visible for all, as they should be. The message will be fixed!
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (166k points)
0 votes

The checker is working fine but your result is '

rodmyr does not fulfill challenge Challenge - 5000 FP i Troms fylke (GC6VVW9) according to

I found only the sum FP of 3722

GC2F9ER1192015-08-06Norges største micro - The biggest micro in Norway
GC327MZ702016-11-08Det Smale Huset
GC2T5GJ612016-11-16A walk in the town
GC4Q4TA582016-09-12Sikker som banken
GC1FY0V582015-10-11Tour Around Prestvannet
GC1V47Q572016-06-12Fjellheisen etc...............
by vogelbird (Expert) (53.6k points)
–1 vote
Yes, you are probably right, there are two issues and they are not related. I can see the message about hidden stats is no longer shown.

The checker that is not working (for my nick, I tested some others which are ok) is this one:

The output is empty, so there is no error message...
by rodmyr (150 points)