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+1 vote
I have created a Public bookmark of my FTFs. The bookmark appears in the drop-down box on the Settings page, but it doesn't  hold the bookmark name; i.e. I must enter it every time I access the Settings page.
 If I reload the Settings page, my FTF Bookmark is gone.

When I request  list of My FTFs, none are displayed.

Any help appreciated.
in Support and help by billedm (150 points)
edited by billedm

1 Answer

+1 vote
Do you click the list name to get the check mark next to it?  Once you add the FTF list in your settings are you clicking Update Settings?

If not that and I had to guess I think it could be the name of your list. Try to see if that is the problem by changing the name to FTF. If that works then you can experiment further
by ChrisDen (4.1k points)
That's the answer. After countless times looking at the Settings page, I noticed the Update Settings button. Once I clicked it, my bookmark is utilized and My FTFs are displayed.