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No menu icons in livemap, if using SSL page

+6 votes
If I access the livemap via SSL link the menu icons on the left (filter, settings, info, menu) are invisible.

Accessing the livemap via HTTP as the icons are shown.

Okay, I could always use the HTTP link, but at least the greasemonkey browser extension always links to the HTTPS page.

Tested this with Firefox on Linux and Windows.
asked May 7, 2017 in Bug reports by RoRo[tm] (180 points)
It seems to be because the images are loaded from another domain name and the URLs are defined with HTTP protocol. The quickest fix would be for the Live Map to always use HTTPS for those images, since an HTTP page loading HTTPS resources is fine but the other way around can cause issues with some browsers.
... or steps could be taken to convert entirely to HTTPS as has been suggested before:

I am aware that the current setup with a CDN complicates things somewhat, but it should be doable.
I would love it as well if this could be fixed. I hate having to go into Firefox just to use the Live Map.

1 Answer

0 votes
I think this is fixed now.
answered Aug 17, 2017 by jajakeiz (560 points)