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Lab caches into PGC

0 votes
Lab caches were added to PGC some time ago. Is there any news as to progress on integrating them into statistics?
asked May 14 in Feature requests by the Seagnoid (20,180 points)

2 Answers

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This is the explanation from


Statistics that do not include Lab Cache finds, because Lab Caches do not include the appropriate attributes to be integrated into these statistics:

  • Container Types
  • Difficulty and Terrain
  • Home Location Statistics
  • Statistics on the Maps tab
This is also the reason why PGC can not include Lab.Caches in the statistics
answered May 15 by vogelbird (38,400 points) treats lab caches as just another cache, and just another cache type. Sure they cannot plug into the D/T grid but, following the standard set by, they will affect:

Total cache count
Overall cache finds
Overall averages
Last 365 days
Last 365 days averages
Most consecutive days with finds
Most consecutive days without a find
Current consecutive days with a find
Most finds in a day
Best weekend caching
Best week caching
Most finds in a calendar month
Most cache types in a daynearest cache found
most northerly cache
Cache centroid
Youngest cache
Highest elevation found

And on and on. Some of these also affect Badgegen (eg total finds and most types in and day, elevation)
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Best answer
The FAQ was actually updated today on the topic (without knowing about this thread).

The goal is to implement them in Profile stats and probably nowhere else. They don't fit into normal statistics due to missing several attributes.
answered May 15 by ganja1447 (Admin) (188,800 points)
selected May 15 by the Seagnoid