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+3 votes
With Chrome's new requirement for location services only being available on a secured http connection (https) there are some thing that do not work in the Live Map. Finding your location does work now, but search does not. Also, in https mode none of the options on the left-hand menu (filter, etc.) show up and in http mode they show up but nothing happens when you click.
in Bug reports by chrispt (1.9k points)
The issue of HTTPS on project-gc is also discussed here:
I'm new to Project-GC. I too am having this problem with the sidebar icons (filter, settings, etc.) not doing anything when clicked. I've tried Chrome, Firefox, and  Edge with no luck. Internet Exploder works fine, of course :-P

I got the impression from the thread you've linked to here that this issue had been resolved. Is there something I need to do to make it work with 21st-century browsers?
It works just fine for me with both Firefox and Chromium so it will be most probably some issue elsewhere.

1 Answer

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Trying to reproduce this with IE, Fox and Chrome but nothing similar happens
Could we conclude and close this question? I have the habit to browse any non answered question and found this that seems open. That was reason why I put this as 'answer'
by Pepegeo (9.6k points)