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+2 votes
Hello all

i was a little far from geocaching last weeks but i've got a strange issue on GC today : i want to log an event and it's impossible. The logging page just propose to write a note.

I've done a "will attend" few weeks ago, as usual, and now, the event page is like i've attended (the event was this morning).

I'm not able to find any info on that on GC blog or forum but i wonder if it's the same for everybody ?
closed with the note: Question solved... probably a mistake on my side :)
in Miscellaneous by DaneteYaourth (3.1k points)
closed by DaneteYaourth

3 Answers

+2 votes
Geocaching no longer allows double logging. It is no longer possible to log two Attendeds to an event, or two Found Its or Needs Maintenance on a geocache. Nor can you log a find on your own cache.


Sorry I could not find the formal announcement of the change itself.

In your case, find your Found it log and edit it to the correct date or correct log type.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (46.3k points)
+1 vote
Did you accidentally log "attended" before? Just above the logs, click "logbook" and check the tab "Your logs"
by StadsAlv (10.1k points)
I agree... very strange because i'm quiet sure that was a Will Attend log until yesterday (i've check the logbook to see who attended).

So, if there's no change in rules, i probably make a mistake.
+1 vote

I echo what has already been answered - I think people have to check what they may have already done to see if that is the issue - the simplest way would be to go to the cache page on the website - any finds or attends means you will have a smilie and this will be seen as bold as brass on the top right hand corner of the cache page - in the case of events this is shown by the double smilie icon. Hovering over the 'logged on' link immediately below will take you to your log. 

As an aside I now see that GS have stipulated that no webcam cache logs can be completed without an accompanying image - almost goes without saying - but will be an issue for anyone who says they were in a group and saying the image is with someone elses log, nope sorry, you have to provide an image too smiley

All for that 

by Deepdiggingmole (13.8k points)