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+5 votes
Why does my project gc profile say my paid membership is about to expire when it doesn't for nearly a year?

It keep coming up at the top of the page, it doesn't really do anything and I have access to all the features its just mildly annoying as I won't have any real warning when my membership is actually near expiring.
in Bug reports by AlmostE-Ville (240 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote

This is due to bad web design from our (Project-GC's) part. This is a message, which isn't very clear. You can remove it by clicking the X to the right.

I can also assume that you have gotten three message, with slightly different words in them. They are all safe to remove, they were just to inform you.

At some point, it will be redesigned. You are definitely not the only who hasn't understood it. It's very clear for us that it's a bad design that isn't understandable.

by magma1447 (Admin) (231k points)
I was about to file a bug report about this aswell, becasue it said my subscriptions is about to expire when it already had expired. Now I understand why.

But when I click the x to close it it just disapears for now. When I refresh the page it comes back. That doesn't make sense to me, unless I would actually have a subscription that was about to expire.