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I'm trying to find caches that have been archived in my area. I've set up a filter for the area and date, added the 'Include Archived/Disabled' filter set to Archived, and added a custom filter that should display only archived caches.

When I run this I get a map. Above the map there is a key entry for caches found by me, and another for caches I haven't found. For the specific filter I've set up I see this

 Blue The 0 caches that only gasbottle has logged
Red The 15 caches that neither has logged

However, on the map I see only three entries, and only three appear in the list for 'None Found'. The lists for 'Both Found and 'gasbottle found' are both empty.

What am I doing wrong?

in Bug reports by gasbottle (120 points)
recategorized by gasbottle
Please, share the link.
That looks like a bug in either custom filters or in map compare. The "query" looks good to me.
Ok, thanks for your input. What should I do now? Is there a way to move this to bug reports?
Edit the question and change the category to Bug reports.
Done. Thanks again.
Yup, I agree. it is a bug. The question is: Which data set is correct? Is the count correct and we are not shown the full list of caches, or is the data set correct and the count wrong? I have tried different variations on your query and it looks like a general bug in the way Map Compare handles archived caches - it counts non-archived caches correctly.
Over the weekend several caches in this area were archived (about six on one day alone) - I was running the query to find out which ones. Clearly some of the affected caches are not on the list so the data set is definitely wrong. I can't say whether the count is correct, but it's likely to be in the right ball park.

1 Answer

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My guess is that you haven't clicked all of the "none found", "one found", "both found" and "owned as found" checkboxes.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (161k points)
None Found and One Found were both checked. I tried checking the other two but it made no difference.