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My project-gc count is one less than my one. I think I know how this happened. The other day I accidentally completely deleted a found log and went back right away to recreate it as found on the same day with the same text and same images. This is all I can think of that would have caused the difference. Will this just heal itself on PGC or will I always be off by one now?  Thanks
in Support and help by rragan (720 points)
I have the same problem. Just started a few days back. Up till now GC and PGC were exact, and I am pretty careful with logging. Now My GC count is 1456, and my PGC is 1455. Did you find a fix?
I am trying this which I was advised.

In project-gc click on support > Self support. Enter the missing cache. That should fix your problem.
How can I find out which is the missing cache?
There is also a button there to refresh all of your caches to fix count problems.
It seems to have corrected itself..... counts now match, after 4 days of the mismatch?

6 Answers

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Apart from my script which ChrisDen has already mentioned, Milestones can also help narrow down where an error like this occurred (assuming you haven't manually set your milestones on Having a look suggests that the error is somewhere in the 400-500 range, since the two sites agree that "Park Ave Chain of Parks West #2" was your 400th find, but have two different caches for your 500th ("Roman Amphitheater (Amman)" and "Lowest Cache On Earth")

by sumbloke (Expert) (35.1k points)
0 votes

Seems the wrong way round. I would have expected PGC to have one more as it could take a bit of time to detect the deleted log.

If you run this checker it will give you a full listing of your finds. Check if the one you think is the problem is missing.


by ChrisDen (4.1k points)
0 votes
It is probably that Project-GC is a few caches behind due to only updating weekly, although it still thinks that you haven't deleted that one log and so cancels out at -1 log!
by Moore4us (4.8k points)
0 votes
In project-gc click on support > Self support. Enter the missing cache. That should fix your problem.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.1k points)
0 votes
I had a similar issue.  After lots of research, I found that GC had two caches wrong (double counted). They tried for a while to correct it manually but were never able to figure it out.  So now my PGC counts will always be two less.
by TrendyMagic (1.7k points)
I ran their tool and have no double logged ones. Nice guess thanks.
–3 votes
If you found a labcache, notice that this type of cache is not taken into account by Project-GC
by Zoidrums (1.7k points)
The lab caches are taken into the account for some time already.
OK, I finally got back to this anomaly and it has not self-healed. I pulled a My Finds Pocket Query and used the full listing of finds script to generate PGC's view of my finds. A judicious cut, sort and diff allowed me to see which find is missing in PGC. It seems to be GC1JBXH. I can see nothing remarkable about this find nor have I mucked with the log that I know of. has it and PGC does not.