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I would like to check whether user x has logged geocache y AND I want to see all the log entries of this user for this geocache.

Is this possible with project-gc?

If not:

Please consider adding a feature where username and cache-code is entered and the result is a list of all logentries which the user has written in the caches logbook.


in Feature requests by Der Grosse Baer DGB (1.9k points)
edited by Der Grosse Baer DGB
I don't know if there is a tool here, that is specific for a single cache. But you could try the map compare tool.

Or, if you are using chrome browser (don't know if others will work, too) you could use the extension " friends!" by KoalaBear.

3 Answers

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You could try "GC little helper II". It´s a nice script for your browser. With that tool you can add Cacher as "VIP". Everytime, when you open a listing, you can see which VIP has already logged and his logtext.

Here is a link for some screenshots:

And here some more explanations in German language.

by Kodo-Jano (2.4k points)
+2 votes
You can use Map Compare to do much of this. Add the caches you are interested in to a VGPS (or bookmark) list. Select the user you are interested in on map compare and add the list as a filter and tick show one found.

Finding a list of all their log entries (particularly if it is a DNF etc) isn't currently possible but I agree it could be useful as the interfaces to do this aren't at all straightforward.
by mole125 (Expert) (21.1k points)
Thanks for your answer. I realize I was not precise enough with my question. So I edited it and appended what you already guessed: I want to see the log entries. :-)
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Easy to do in Open the specific geocache page, press End a few times to force the listing to the gather all the logs, then Ctrl-F to open the find box and enter user X's name. The find will have previous/next buttons to cycle through their logs.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (46.3k points)
Thanks for your answer. It works, but with a cache with 1000+ log entries it takes a while to do that by hand.

I hope one day there will be a better solution.